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SME in the Hydrogen Sector Wanted for Brazil and Chile

In the last project selection meeting, in addition to the second Brazil project, Chile was also chosen to form a consortium for further support by H2-Uppp. For the project on the use of biomass for the production of green hydrogen and derivatives in Brazil, an information event will be held on October 26/27, 2022. You will have the opportunity to receive first-hand information from technical, financial and local experts and get in touch directly. The responsible Chamber of Commerce will also present the main results of their project-related market feasibility study.

The second information event on the project for the production and use of green hydrogen in mining in Chile will take place early next year. As soon as there is news on the process, we will publish it here.

Two Teams for Integrated Hydrogen Solutions are set

In the first of our project selection meetings, Guatemala and twice Brazil were selected as countries to form consortia for further support by H2-Uppp. The teambuilding phase has already been initiated with great success for two projects  - the use of green hydrogen to increase efficiency in the beverage industry in Guatemala and the establishment of green hydrogen hubs in strategic ports in Brazil. For the project on the use of biomass for the production of green hydrogen and derivatives in Brazil, an information event will be held on October 26/27, 2022.

You can see the phases of each project in our overview of the two combined measures which are in action. You are invited to submit your own proposal to join a strong team supporting the global market introduction of green hydrogen.

Team building for H2-uppp: Project proposals weclome

Consortia formation for German SMEs in the energy sector, in which we have played a major role with almost 20 successfully implemented projects, is being expanded. Consortia in the field of green hydrogen can now additionally be supported by the GIZ in the market ramp-up of green hydrogen. Both measures are now combined under one roof in a new BMWK initiative.

BC Berlin collects suitable projects on a quarterly basis and forms up to five green hydrogen consortia per year. Target markets are 11 focus countries as well as additional developing and emerging countries, which will be decided on a case-by-case basis. Get in touch or read more at the link below.

TUNol consortium launches feasibility phase

BC Berlin brought together a group of leading German companies to cover the establishment of a 200 MW green hydrogen project. The components encompass the electricity generation via PV and CSP solar facilities and all downstream activities towards green methanol inlcuding carbon capture. The kick-off took place in early 2021, and the initial project presentation by the consortium in Tunesia was held in October 2021.  

In the second quarter of 2022 the team is now focussing on conducting the technical and financial feasibility study. This will build the basis for investment decisions, partnership agreements and permits.

The 4th hydrogen project added to our moderation portfolio

The National Hydrogen Strategy underlines hydrogen’s role as a key technology for the Herculean task that is achieving a carbon neutral future. The financing of up to EUR 2 billion aims to enable pioneering projects across the value chain of green hydrogen in international partner countries.
Hydrogen production from concentrated solar power and furhter processing to green methanol in Tunisia is set to explore the huge potential that lies in the combination of these technologies for the MENA region. In Portugal, regional green hydrogen production and distribution through adaption of the existing infrastructure, envisioning a future without natural gas. In California, the application of hydrogen in the building sector by innovative solutions is adressed – already our third collaboration with the German Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco. Finally, in Spain we aim at forming the team and advancing the process towards an integration of hydrogen in the energy mix of a Green Technology Park in Gran Canaria.

Homebound but restless: Challenges are our daily business.

Business as usual despite the COVID-19 pandemic? Yes, addressing challenges is at the core of our work. BC Berlin goes fully digital, continuously delivers cohesion, guidance, and support for integrated project teams. Already 12 teams are built for the German Energy Solutions Initiative by now.
In March, the symposium for off-grid solutions to electrify the remote Apuseni villages in Romania initiated a coordinated fast-track process towards their implementation. Simultaneously, the online information and networking event for energy-efficient waste incineration in Russia revealed high-level commitment for German-Russian Cooperation by all participants, followed by moderated workshops and newly-developed ideas to facilitate joint progress. Providing a glimpse into a post-pandemic future, the business trip of the companies who are part of the German Green Technology Hub on the ABC islands took place in Aruba. Meeting with the Prime Minister, many site visits and hosting a conference with 80 people were proven feasible.  

BC Berlin: New Homepage Online

Welcome to our new online representation! After some years of innovation and business development, it was high time to target our virtual representation in the net: starting from scratch by iterative and incremental prototyping.
Agile work flows like SCRUM are common in the IT community, slowly progressing the so called real economy. Using and introducing agile tools in many of our projects, we decided for an in-house SCRUM process. We invite you to follow our progress. At the end of every sprint you will see an improved and extended version. Please come back, check our news, see what is added and what is still under construction. And of course, you are welcome to provide your feedback.

Russia: Efficiency in Waste Incineration

The Russian Federation has named the “Clean Country” initiative as priority on its list of strategically important economic projects. 25 energy efficient WTE projects are in the pipeline.
This involves the introduction of a circular economy according to European standards coupled with investments of billions in a collection, sorting, and recycling infrastructure, including the most modern thermal treatment systems for non-recyclable solids. The project awarded to BC Berlin aims at supporting specialised German companies in developing integrated solutions for the upcoming tenders.

Mission Accomplished: UAE National Waste Strategy

The National Integrated Solid Waste Management Strategy of the UAE, drafted by BC Berlin and its partners, was approved by the Ministry of Environment and Climate change.
The document was developed in several participatory workshops with local authorities representing the seven Emirates of the UAE and federal governmental organisations. The strategy will be part of further government consultations and is pending approval by the cabinet of the UAE. Main pillars of the strategy are harmonisation at the federal level, the protection of the environment from adverse impacts of waste management activities and the introduction of the extended producer responsibility.

Setting Benchmarks in Digital Transformation

We maintain all our operations without compromising our targets to the COVID-19 crisis. Even more, we expanded our digital networking and cooperation platforms.
We were using MS Teams for face-to-face communication for years. Now we introduced Trello for online cooperation and planning, Miro for brainstorming and added Zoom for additional features. And yet, we leave no one behind: we bridge the digital divide by assisting our “analog” partners in the transformation. Thus, we successfully conducted seminars with 50+participants around the world. We worked in team sessions brainstorming anddesigning innovative projects. And we established individual accountability invirtual story boards. In many cases, we jointly follow an agile work approach.Hence, we are achieving our goals safely, navigating on the base of realprogress rather than hypothetical plans.

Final Conference: Smart Hybrid Solutions for Brazil

While conducting a conference at the end of our business trip in Sao Paulo with 200 energy experts, we already knew that things might change. Nevertheless, the interest in the solutions introduced by Germany was tremendous.
A short and intense preparation period was enough to form a powerful team of German companies. Their newportfolio: providing technically integrated and financially optimised smart hybrid solutions to the emerging Brazilianrenewables market. Rich in natural water resources for power generation, the share of wind and solar power is constantly increasing. Hybrid systems, including an integrated, well-dimensioned, and cost-effective storage solution, are in high demand. Besides some R&D projects, very little commercial projects are operating.