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Two Measures
Combined to Your Benefit
Global Hydrogen Market Ramp-up Building Integrated Teams and H2-UPPP
The purpose of building teams and joint ventures
Corporate partnerships with lifecycle approaches, system-integrated technology leadership and customer-friendly commercial business models have become the key to success.

Sector coupling, interface optimisation, energy management systems and also AI are the key levers to increase customer value.

Hydrogen, if green, is indispensable as a non-fossil and molecular energy carrier in all sectors of industry that cannot be electrified, in intermediate storage of renewable energy in large quantities and over longer periods of time, and in heavy-duty and long-distance transport.
The challenges in new and innovation-driven markets lie in the identifying, differentiating and embedding projects in new value and supply chains, as well as in the associated financing opportunities.

On behalf of the German Energy Solutions initiative by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK), BC Berlin supports this process from the initial idea to the establishment of independent teams. Support us with your challenge and ideas for the implementation of projects in your region.
Project Support for H2 market ramp-up
GIZ is implementing the public-private partnership (PPP) measure "International Hydrogen Ramp-up Program" (H2Uppp). With a focus on developing and emerging countries, innovative German and European technological know-how is being used to establish sustainable supply and value chains for green hydrogen and its derivatives.

The GIZ team supports these partnerships and companies in:
  • supporting pilot projects along the green H2 value chain
  • conducting market studies, business case analyses, and public relations

From Your Idea to a Successful Project
Target Countries for H2-Uppp
  • ASIA
    India, Mongolia, Thailand, Turkey
    Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay
    Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Namibia, Nigeria, Tunisia, South Africa
  • Other developing and emerging countries on the basis of case-by-case decisions by the BMWK
How to Participate
Anyone can propose a project that calls for complex solutions along the supply and value chains of green hydrogen and its derivatives in the 17 priority countries and other non-European markets.

Fill out the project proposal form↴ by the German Energy Solitions initiative. Describe the concrete business opportunity for which a suitable consortium can be formed – including the target groups of the industry and the potential end customers in the respective countries.

We are more than happy to sharpen your project approach through our knowledge from 20 successfully established consortia and our early engagement and in cooperation with key players in the industry and governmental institutions. Based on our experience, we are able to classify your initial proposal along the value chain and complement it with the potentials gained by an integrative approach.