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Every Project starts
with a good idea.
Project Identification
Projects translate national and international strategies and their goals into local action. They are the necessary building blocks of supply and value chains. Projects are defined by the internal components, and their external interfaces to the project environment and its market actors. They must also be embedded in the applicable regulatory framework.
Last but not least, they should create a concrete added value for the project sponsor, investor or end customer. This economic viability, combined with a profitable business model, is the necessary prerequisite for any investment or funding commitment.
We support our clients in the definition of projects from the first idea to the scope of a viable project with all its prerequisits. Working along value and supply chains, we identify potentials and gaps. Working with our clients, we ensure matching the market demands with well-fit supplies. Besides the technical feasibility, we adress finanical componenents, markets and suitable business models.

We develop your project or business idea into a clearly defined project that is eligible for funding and financing. We identify or verify opportunities from gaps and bottlenecks in existing or emerging markets and the related supply and value chains. We ensure both technical feasibility and economic viability with our experience-based consulting.
Projects usually fail not because of technology, but because of people. Over the years, we have introduced and further developed our project management and moderation tools. Thus, we can address the different interests of market participants, competitors and project partners and unite them toward a common goal.
We support and develop country- and project-specific market entry strategies. In doing so, we contribute our many years of experience in market development and business development. Depending on market maturity, we support product innovation and positioning as well as the development of unique selling propositions. We lead to a narrative as the basis for good storytelling.